Social Media Campaign

What would you feel as a company having a social media account with 50,000 or more active followers, engaging with your messages daily and grows over time? Creating a social media account and building a couple of audience is a very easy task for many individuals and businesses. But the true strength and effective use of it is usually overlooked by many of us.

Although it can be one of the cheapest marketing channels nowadays, but unlike other channels like from TV ads or radio stations with already established audience, social media on the other hand is still very young and most often than not, many companies get lost in trying to drive their own audience.

At Siamzip, we help our clients to have an effective social media account with an integrated marketing solution designed to generate customer leads and convert them into net revenue, build brand awareness, loyal customer base and most especially, connect and engage with their existing customers and prospective customers.

Plans And Structure

  • Daily posting on all social media accounts
  • Reputation management
  • Custom graphic promotional designs
  • Professional and attractive social media page
  • Content writing
  • Customized tabs (for FB)
  • Respond to customer queries / follower engagement
  • Paid advertisement
  • Daily potential customers search
  • Spam management
  • Daily monitoring and analysis
  • Effective, highly targeted (geolocation, demographic, season) audience
  • Comprehensive monthly report
  • Competition analysis